Debate on the Future of Europe with President of EP, Antonio Tajani

When: 30.05.2017, at 15:15-17:30
Place: A-002, Auditorium Maximum

At the end of May, the President of the European Parliament, Antionio Tajani, will visit Estonia as part of the Estonian Presidency. On 30 May, he will hold a debate at Tallinn University to discuss the future of Europe. The debate "Future of Europe: Changing Times, Lasting Values" will feature the Leaders of the European Parliament Groups, and students from various Universities in Estonia. The discussion will cover four topics.

I. Future of Europe: How to re-launch the EU

As Britain prepares to exit, the European Union needs to focus on a new future and tackle big challenges that matter most to its citizens. If there is one important thing you could change about the EU, what would it be? Can Europe shape globalisation and ensure a fair share of the benefits for all? Can we improve democracy and include more citizens in European decisions?

II. Youth employment: The power of innovation

The journey from education to employment - a never ending search for the first job. How can Europe empower young people to take advantage of job opportunities in times of digital transformation? How can we combine economic innovation with social justice and security? How can the EU support young people in starting their own business?

III. European defence: A guardian of peace

America on one side and Russia on the other are following their own agenda and interests. A growing case for a common peace and defence policy in Europe? Should Europe play a stronger role in the world and speak with one voice? Do we need a closer military cooperation to safeguard our freedom in Europe?

IV. Security: Protecting citizens in turbulent times

The European Union is tested under the strain of challenges to keep citizens safe and societies open. How can Europe protect its external borders against transnational criminal networks? How to find a common ground for migration policy? What is the best way to stop terrorists and counter violent attacks aimed at our way of life?

Moderators are the president of EP Antonio Tajani and TU lecturer of international relations Catlyn Kirna. 

The discussion will be held in English. After the debate some refreshments will be served.

Anyone interested in the future of Europe is welcome to join. Registration is open until 18 May. And ID-card is compulsory at the entrance.

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