ECSR Conference 2015

Cumulative Inequalities in the Life Course

10-12 September 2015              Tallinn University

Conference addresses questions about cumulative inequalities in the life course. Life course research has demonstrated that the events and states of earlier stages have important consequences for later opportunities and outcomes. This phenomenon has been named the cumulative advantage/disadvantage. The advantage is typically a key resource or reward in the stratification process. Patterns of inequality within, and among, cohorts emerge over time along significant life-course trajectories (health, family, work, income, and wealth) as products of the interplay between institutional arrangements and individual life trajectories. The cumulative inequalities differ across societies according to the extent, to which social institutions influence the rate of events with the potential to change life conditions and the extent, to which they mitigate the consequences of these events through social welfare regimes.

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: 31 March 2015
Acceptance of abstracts: 20 May 2015
Registration opens: 01 May 2015
Regular registration deadline: 20 June 2015