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Admission Requirements

General requirements
  • Completed Secondary Education or the equivalent
  • Proof of English Proficiency
    Please see the complete overview of admission and application requirements for Bachelor's level applicants.
Entrance exams
  • Curriculum vitae (to be sent at media....at....tlu.ee)
  • Creative portfolio (if available) – the best examples of candidate’s creative works such as photos, films, videos, essays, articles, poems etc.
  • Entrance exam. The entrance exam consists of written assignments (testing general intelligence and creativity), a photo story and an interview with the admissions committee.
Contact us
  • Specific questions regarding the programme should be directed to the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School’s Media Department:
    Ms. Siiri Häidma
    Phone: +372 619 9923
    E-mail: media....at....tlu.ee
  • For additional guidelines regarding admission procedure please contact the international admission specialist.
    E-mail: admissions....at....tlu.ee