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Admission Requirements

General requirements
  • Completed Bachelor's degree
  • Proof of English Proficiency
    Please see the complete overview of admission and application requirements for Master's level applicants.
Entrance exams
  • Motivation letter - should be submitted with admission documents.
  • Thesis project - should be submitted with admission documents.
  • Interview - when all the documents have been submitted, applicants will have an interview with the staff of the curriculum. The objective of the interview is to meet in person with applicants and discuss their motivation letter. Interviews can be done via internet, e.g. using Skype (NB! a web-camera is required).
  • For the purposes of identity verification at the admission procedure the Admission Committee has the right to take a screenshot during the oral part of the admission exam carried out via video bridge.

For those who do not receive their BAs in the communication field, it is compulsory to pass the levelling module (Subjects of the levelling module: Organisational Communication 6 ECTS and Public Relations Theory 4 ECTS).

Contact us
  • Specific questions regarding the programme should be directed to the Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School:
    Ms. Kea Kiviraijuja
    E-mail: kea.kiviraijuja....at....tlu.ee
  • For additional guidelines regarding admission procedure please contact the international admission specialist.
    E-mail: admissions....at....tlu.ee