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MEDIT Seminar: Future of Food - Transmedia Strategies of National Geographic

When: 19.10.2017, at 15:00-16:30
Place: N-416

BFM’s Center of Excellence on Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT) is very happy to announce that Alexander Godulla and Cornelia Wolf (both professors from Leipzig University in Germany) will share with us their recent research results on transmedia strategies of the National Geographic. Everyone is invited to come to their guest talk on Thursday, October 19th, at 3 PM in N416.

Content of their talk:
The National Geographic Society (NGS) has always sought to incorporate new ways of media production into its working routine, thus defining standards of journalism both in technical and narrative terms. As a logical result, the NGS also relies on cross media strategies, focusing on transmedia storytelling in order to connect its audience. The “Future of Food” project is one of the largest transmedia projects in journalism. Our talk will first outline the concept of transmedia storytelling and discuss ten qualities in the context of journalism. Secondly, we will systematically discuss the case study “Future of Food” by applying the transmedia qualities to the project. This provides insights into the modes and combinations of story elements and allows to draw attention to challenges and opportunities for researchers, producers, and users.

Info about Alexander Godulla and Cornelia Wolf:
Alexander Godulla is full Professor at the University of Leipzig, Germany. His research is focused on the change of public communication, international journalism research, the reception and production of media contents in digital segments as well as the financing of online journalism. Cornelia Wolf is Junior Professor (Assistent Professor) for Online Communication at the University of Leipzig, Germany. Her research is focused on Cross Media Strategies and New Digital Formats in Online and Mobile Corporate Communications and Journalism as well as Digital Media Adoption and Changing Media Repertoires. Both have many years experience in working for media companies in Germany, and both have a journalism education.

Everyone is welcome to join!