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Exhibition: Tallinn Lives – A Glance at the Capital’s Streets

When: 18.12.2017, at 10:00 - 16.02.18 17:00
Place: Nova lobby


The second personal exhibition of Kristian Saks titled “Tallinn Lives – A Glance at the Capital’s Streets” will be exhibited at BFM until February 16, 2018. The closing event of the exhibition will take place on February 12 at 11am together with the author. The exhibition is focused on the commotion and less visited places of Tallinn.

The primary incentive for the author to take up street photography was a part of his plan to face his fears. Now the genre has in its own way found a place in the author’s photographic endeavours and is slowly spreading to other cities in Europe.

Kristian Saks said the following about his exhibition:


“My first steps on the streets with a camera were shy and from a distance with a telephoto lens, but gradually this was replaced by excitement and fervour. Soon I moved on to wider lenses and I’m now shooting with a wide-angle lens. Some of the courage also comes from the fact that people don’t tend to pay attention to old film cameras and if they do, then it is fuelled by their desire to ask questions about the camera and film photography itself.

During these wonderings it became clear that I did not know my hometown nearly as well as I thought I did. I still find new exciting spots and court yards, of which many are not even that photogenic but still worth exploring.

By the end of summer these long walks have produced so much material that I felt ready to show them as enlarged prints. As the chosen material was film and I was looking for material suitable for aquarelle paper hand coated with photographic which I had discovered for myself a year before, the decision was simple and for me, the match perfect.”

The solution for the presentation of the prints was designed by Andres Toodo and the prints were finalised by DieselArts.

All the works are for sale and for purchasing through OKAPI Gallery (www.okapi.ee or OKAPI Gallery in Facebook). The prints are limited to seven and a framed print costs 400 euros while just the print is 200 euros.