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Dear Partner

We are proud to announce that the academic year of 2015/16 at Tallinn University starts with a new structure.

In line with our  Development Plan for 2015-2020  that articulates our aim to contribute more to the society, we have set the goal of becoming the promoter of intelligent lifestylein Estonia.

The term Intelligent Lifestyle stands for making research-based decisions in order to improve the society in general and the well-being of its citizens.

To achieve this, we have formed five interdisciplinary research based focus fields: educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, society and open governance.

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School is responsible for promoting the Digital and Media Culture focus field and combines the study, research, development and creative activities of Baltic Film and Media School,
Institute of Communication and the coreography, art didactics and music departments of the Institute of Fine Arts.

We believe that by joining the various competences, we can be an even more useful and dependable partner to You.


Looking forward to a lasting partnership
Katrin Saks, director of Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School
Eve Müür, head of administration


The structural reform does not initiate changes in contracts where the partner is Tallinn University as a legal person. This is just a reminder of changes in our contact details.​