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Research and development

Compared to other schools at TLU the research practice at BFM is somewhat specific. For it does not only consist of the classical academic approach to research into media, arts, and communication, but also includes creative practice and development work. Indeed, the borderlines between these different activities in our institute are blurry. The research work at our School needs to have the capacity to be used as inputs in our other creative or development work. We have long traditions in conducting creative work in areas such film, television, cross- and transmedia, art, music and dance. We are used to carry out development work with a variety of institutional partners, especially in cultural sector. And we conduct academic and critical research work that supports other activities in the School.

Digital and media culture is one of the focus areas of TLU and BFM is responsible for carrying out research work in this area. For this purpose a new TLU Center of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT) was launched in 2015. The are three research groups (one working on audiovisual digital humanities, one studying audiovisual culture and one researching digital creative industries) and a Creative Lab operating under MEDIT. The function of the Creative Lab is to initiate and carry out experimental development projects together with various institutional partners from cultural and creative sectors. In addition to research work within MEDIT our faculty members carry out research in a variety of other areas including public relations, science communication, organisational communication, advertising, music and art pedagogy, art history. 

BFM publishes also two peer-reviewed academic journals. First, Baltic Screen Media Review is dedicated to interdisciplinary approaches to all forms of audiovisual media and culture in the Baltic Sea Region. Second, The Changing Face of Music and Art Education is dedicated to music and art pedagogy. In addition, BFM also publishes Kaja, an Estonian language industry magazine on public relations.

Since 2004 by the initiative of didactics of arts study area (the former Department of Music) the series of CFMAE/YTT international scientific conferences take place: large congresses 2004, 2009, 2014 and 2015 (in collaboration with EuNetMERYC network);  BA, MA and PhD graduate student conferences 2007, 2008, 2010-2013.


Maria Hansar, research coordinator

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