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Cross-media marketing: storytelling in the service of engaging campaigns

Course supervisors: 
Alessandro Nani (Cross-Media and Transmedia Storytelling lectorer)
Age Rosenberg (Creative training)
Location: Tallinn University, Narva mnt 27 
Language: English
Price: 222 EUR per person

Course goals:
Introduce the concepts of Cross-Media and Transmedia Storytelling, guide participants in the development of effective storytelling, support them with helpful techniques in the planning and creation of a crossmediatic marketing project for a product/service.

Study results:
Participants know what cross-media and transmedia storytelling mean and know how to plan and prepare a cross-media marketing project for a product/service. Participants know and have practiced creating the project through creative design thinking.

Course description:

  • Introduction to cross-media and related relevant terms
  • Cross-media as a storytelling practice
  • Cross-media in the service of marketing*
  • Preparing a creative cross-media marketing campaign for a product or service based on transmedia storytelling principles using design thinking and brainstorming tools**

* The training is not focusing of social media, rather of storytelling across media

** During the course participants will be supervised in the development of the structure of a possible cross-media marketing campaign for the participating organization/company. The outcome will be a short written document describing the campaign rationale and elements.

For registration and further information:

Katrin Kuusik
Head of Training Projects
Tel.: +372 6199 908
Mobile: 5096692
E-mail: katrin.kuusik....at....tlu.ee