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BFM participates in the Finest Sounds project



BFM is one of the partners of the Finest Sounds project that is a Finnish-Estonian cross-border cooperation initiative in the music sector. The objective is to bring more high quality Finnish and Estonian music to Japan -  the second biggest music market in the world.

This is done by incorporating other fields of culture and business operations in the mix – from visual arts and design to technological deeds.

Finest Sounds  aims at developing new cooperation models and cross-sectoral value chains between music sector and sectors already successfully exporting to Japan (e.g. Finnish and Estonian design, lifestyle brands and technology companies) in order to enhance both parties visibility and to boost sales in Japan.

Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School supports the project with the students who study intercultural communication, communication and advertising. In addition, there is appropriate compentence in the Japanese culture and language in the Institute of Humanities of Tallinn University.

Academic knowledge of BFM is related to teaching practical skills, thus BFM has become one of the largest production centres in Estonia. Most of the Estonian music videos are created by the alumni or students of BFM.

BFM is also organising the workshop in Tallinn University that takes place in January 16-17. The hands-on workshop will focus on Japanese culture and business customs with best-practice examples from companies that have been exporting to Japan.

More information: http://finestsounds.eu/.

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