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ELU: new teaching methods are being born


This autumn, Tallinn University embarked on fundamental changes in the teaching of students. The goal is to provide society with young professionals who can grasp and are familiar with modern interdisciplinary society and are able to interpret theory and practice together, bringing new qualities to our daily life.

This change bears the short abbreviation ELU.

ELU (Enhanced Learning Unlimited) is a compulsory course for all Tallinn University students, during which they undertake interdisciplinary projects. The goal of ELU is to provide all students with the opportunity to deal with precisely those ideas and topics that interest them and choose the appropriate methods for carrying out their idea.

This autumn saw the start of the first university-wide ELU projects supervised by our faculty and researchers.

The Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School is going to take part in several projects, cooperating with nearly all Tallinn University Schools. This in turn will provide new opportunities for our students who have come to BFM until now to acquire relatively narrow specialties.

In addition to the new interdisciplinarity inside BFM which began with last year's merger of Schools, life has progressed in such a way that ELU is going to change our methods of teaching and learning.

"It is time to dare to be new and give your life the chance to be innovative." - Kaja Tampere, Professor of Communication Management, BFM