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Join the Wind Orchestra!


Tallinn University Wind Orchestra is looking for new players!

The young trombonist and conductor Teno Kongi will be taking over the lead as the conductor of the orchestra. Kongi has studied classic trombone, conducting and piano at the Tallinn Georg Ots Music School. He has worked with many orchestras in Estonia as a conductor and also as a trombonist. He's also active in the brass quintet Bright Brass and in a folk-pop band Krunks More.

Teno Kongi: "I'll begin my work with TLU Wind Orchestra in September. My aim is to bring new life to the collective. I feel that Estonian brass music needs new energy and people willing to put in the effort to develop and maintain this manifold genre. Tallinn University is just the place to begin because many active young people who've studied brass instruments are at TLU and would like to continue at the TLU Wind Orchestra. First and foremost we needto assemble the orchestra. Most of all we need brass instrument players whom are needed everywhere. Secondly we need to have a current repertoire and work with other collectives at TLU - everyone from the dancers to the symphonic orchestra. Until now TLU Wind Orchestra has been a tool in the structure to allow students to practice conducting and playing in an orchestra but from this year we are looking forward to learning a serious repertoire and preforming actively. The Wind Orchestra is a tradition that we have to uphold at the university and I invite you to join us!"

Rehersals on Tue and Thu from 5:30 PM at T-324
Contact: +372 53935366, puhkpilliorkester....at....tlu.ee