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Transmedia exhibition on the topic of dreams opens in Estonian National Museum


Location: Estonian National Museum (Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu)
Dates: 14.10.2017–14.01.2018
Curators: Ann Einberg and Annaliise Kalamees

“Puzzle of dreams” started as a Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School students graduation work, supervised by Alessandro Nanì. It quickly evolved into bigger project developed in collaboration with other artists.

Today, this project is a teamwork between freelance artists and the students from Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Academy of Art, Tartu Art College. “Puzzle of dreams” also worked with loved estonian singer Peeter Tooma, prizewinning Estonian Drama Theatre actress Liisa Saaremäel, acknowledged composer Liisa Hirsch and other talented artists.

Uniqueness of “Puzzle of dreams” is the use of a coherent narrative across platforms. More precisely, it uses transmedia storytelling. It consists of four fictional stories, all related to one another.

Main characters Carl, Lisa, Sophie and Deedrick all have different experiences with dreams. The exhibition explores topics like lucid dreaming, dying in a sleep, mythical visions and scientific experiments.

Those four stories have been the basis for all of the artworks.

The exhibition includes picture story, a motion graphic poem, audiovisual comic-books,

an audiovisual installation and site-specific installations.

“Puzzle of Dreams” is the winner of the idea contest “Oma näitus 2017”.

Artists: Ann Einberg, Annaliise Kalamees, Tauno Makke, Egle Ehtjen, Eili Lepik, Eliisa Mölder, Peeter Tooma, Liisa Saaremäel, Liisa Hirsch, Joonas Kaustel, Aet Makke, Miia-Liis Hamm, Jette Lii Hamm, Karl Artur Mäss, Riss02, rubymayquinm, elliewhou, Julielva, Rileywalz, covenantc.