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Project On New-Speakers Has Come To Its End


Tallinn University participated in Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health COST Action IS1306 “New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges” (2013-2017).

Yesterday the final dissemination event took place in Tartu. Globalisation, more movement of people, transnational networking and new forms of economy are making multilingualism the norm. 

For children, young people and adults, speaking a new language can be fun but also challenging. They may be told that their accent isn’t right. They may lack opportunities to practice in a supportive environment.

New speakers may not have a full and equal access to social services, job opportunities or political participation. Language-based inequalities are little studied, but they pose a potential challenge to European integration, social cohesion and economic development.

More info about the project: Management Committee representative in Estonia Prof. Anastassia Zabrodskaja, tel 55659113