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Earlier Conferences 2011-2012

The 7th European Quality Assurance Forum: How does quality assurance make a difference?

Dates: November 22 - 24, 2012
Organizers: European University Association EUA, European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ENQA, European Association of Higher Education Institutions EURASHE and European Students' Union ESU
Working language: English

Media Conference 2012: Screen after Screen (Television after Television)

Dates: October 25, 2012
Organizers: Tallinn University Baltic Media and Film School and Estonian National Public Broadcasting
Working languages: English and Estonian

ProNatMat conference: Promoting Natural Material know-how

Dates: September 14, 2012
Organizers: Turku University of Applied Sciences, SRIK, Tartu University, Viljandi Culture Axademy, Estonian University of Life Sciences, City of Tartu, Turku Infopoint, Turku University, South-Western Finland's Estonian Centre
Working language: English, Finnish, Estonian

EARLI SIG 4 Higher Education Conference

Dates: August 14-17, 2012
Organizers: Anne Nevgi, Eva Kyndt, Eve Eisenschmidt
Working language: English

The IFIP International Working Conference:
Open and Social Technologies of Networked Learning

Dates: July 30-August 3, 2012
Organizer: Mart Laanpere (Institute of Informatics)
Working language: English

The 26th International Council for Children's Play (ICCP) World Play Conference

Dates: June 17-19, 2012
Organizers: Aino Ugaste, Marika Veisson (Institute of Educational Sciences)
Working languages: English, Estonian

International crossmedia seminar "New trends (a)cross media"

Date: May 30, 2012
Organizers: BFM, Creative Estonia
Working language: Estonian, English

36th Annual International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL) Conference

Dates: May 28-June 3, 2012
Organizers: Institute of Estonian Language and Culture, Estonian Institute of Humanities, Estonian Literary Museum
Working language: English

Translating Power, Empowering Translation: Itineraries in Translation History

Dates: May 24-26, 2012
Organizers: Institute of Germanic and Romance languages and Cultures
Working language: English

Annual Finnish and Estonian Conference of Linguistics

Dates: May 16-18, 2012
Organizer: Institute of Estonian Language and Culture
Working languages: Finnish, English

Intercultural Competence in Organizational Collaboration Seminar

Date: May 15, 2012
Ortganizers: Tallinn University of Communiacation
Working language: English

NQT-COME: Supporting New Teachers in Europe.
International Conference on Research for Induction of New Teachers

Dates: May 9-11, 2012
Organizers: Intitutes of Educational Sciences, Continuing Education Centre, Eve Eisenschmidt
Working language: English

Winter School "Gaze and Glance: Ways of Seeing in Culture"

Dates: January 23-27, 2012
Organizer: Institute of Humanities

Cost Action Workshop

Dates: November 23-25, 2011
Organizer: Estonian Institute of Humanities

The Futures of Adult Educator(s): Agency, Identity and Ethos

Dates: November 9-11, 2011
Organizers: Tallinn University's Institute of Educational Sciences, Department of Adult Education

UNICA GA (Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe) General Assembly

Dates: October 13-15, 2011
Organizer: Tallinn University International Relations Office

BSRUN Seminar/Workshop on Communication and Dissemination of Information in Networks

Dates: September 22-23, 2011
Organizers: The Baltic Sea Region University Network and Tallinn University

National Languages in Academic Research and Higher Education Conference

Dates: August 29-30, 2011
Organizers: Tallinn University Institute of Estonian Language, Culture and The Centre for Academic Estonian

EAJS 13th International Conference

Dates: August 24-27, 2011
Organizers: Tallinn University

Conference "Picture and Text"

Dates: June 8-10, 2011
Organizers: Tallinn University, Estonian Reading Association

Conference "Creativity and Creative Arts Therapies in Education and Health Care"

Dates: June 3-4, 2011
Organizers: Tallinn University, Estonian Society of Creative Therapies

IABA Europe 2011
"Trajectories of (Be)longing: Europe in Life Writing"

Dates: May 18-20, 2011
Organizers: Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University, Estonian Literary Museum

ECRYPT II Hash Workshop 2011

Dates: May 19-20, 2011
Organizers: Cybernetica Ltd., Tallinn University Conference Centre


Dates: May 15-19, 2011
Organizers: Cybernetica Ltd., Tallinn University Conference Centre