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Admission Exams 2017

The applicants will be contacted regarding the date and time of the admission exams.The oral part of the admission exam will be conducted via Skype.

Bachelor's Programmes
Programme Admission interviews
Audiovisual Media Upon agreement
Law Upon agreement  
Liberal Arts in Social Sciences Upon agreement  
Liberal Arts in Humanities Upon agreement
Crossmedia in film and television Upon agreement
Politics and Governance Upon agreement
Master's Programmes
Communication Management

Upon agreement

Human-Computer Interaction

20.04.17; 13.06.2017; 4.07.2017 

International Relations   Upon agreement
Digital Learning Games 3.03.2017; 7.07.2017
Estonian Studies Upon agreement
Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies Upon agreement
PhD Programmes
History Upon agreement in July 2017
Linguistics Upon agreement in July 2017
Studies of Cultures Upon agreement in July 2017
Educational Sciences 11.07.2017
Information Society Technologies 07.07.2017
Egology 12.07.17