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Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
Language of Instruction:
English, Estonian
Field of Study:
Conferred Degree:
PhD (Psychology)

Detailed study programme is available here.

Objectives of the Programme
  • to create premises for acquiring the highest scientific qualification in psychology;
  • to support the development of competence for working as an independent specialist in different areas of psychology that presuppose deep knowledge in psychology;
  • to support the development of new generation of researchers, academicians, and specialist;
  • to create premises for acquiring high level qualifications in psychology that are needed for composing psychological expertices, councel, and consult in different areas.
Learning Outcomes

The graduate:

  • knows new trends in psychology and deep knowledge in the field of doctoral theses;
  • understands the role and meaning of psychology in a broad contex of social sciences;
  • is able to analyze and critically evaluate different studies, paradigms, theories and models of psychology;
  • is capable to plan and organize R&D activities, critically analyze and evaluate results;
  • is competent in teaching psychology and supporting the students' learning process;
  • is able to present results of scientific research in scientific communication;
  • is able to introduce specific psychology related knowledge in the larger context of the society and culture, participate in discussions in the society and affect social decision processes;
  • knows ethical and professional standards in the field of practical psychology;
  • is able to prepare and perform international research projects;
  • knows the deep knowledge of research methods, new trends and theories in psychology.
What Do We Expect from an Applicant?

We await in our studies persons with a Master’s degree or its equivalent in psychology who have experiences in participating in science projects, who have a clear interest in scientific research in psychology, and who are authors of at least one publication in the field of psychology. We presume the candidate has shown excellent academic results during the Master’s program.

Why Study Psychology at Tallinn University? 

The School of Natural Sciences and Health is home to researchers and lecturers who work on an international level in developmental, cultural, and school psychology and also the new psychology paradigm – idiographic psychology. However, the School of Natural Sciences and Health operates on the principle of academic freedom and supports the academic development of the doctoral student on an international level and with the presence of external supervisors also in fields not related to the institute’s research fields of priority.

What are the Career Options After the Studies?

A PhD in psychology enables the graduate to work primarily in three fields: a) as top specialists in various organizations that require analytical skills, the development of original solutions, and the usage of science-based arguments; b) as university lecturers; c) as heads of R&D projects or as a researcher in such a project.

Admission Requirements
  • Programme specific requirements:

Admission exam (discussion about the doctoral project; estimation of candidate's CV and publications) is based on the plan for the doctoral thesis (about 5 pages) that is agreed with the prospective supervisor (must have the PhD in psychology and be active researcher in the field of psychology at least past 5 years).

Contact us!
  • Specific questions regarding the programme should be directed to the School of Natural Sciences and Health:
    Eve Kikas
    Programme coordinator 
    E-mail: eve.kikas....at....tlu.ee
  • For additional guidelines regarding admission procedure please contact the international admission specialist.
    E-mail: admissions....at....tlu.ee

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