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Studies of Cultures

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
Language of Instruction:
English, Estonian
Field of Study:
Conferred Degree:
PhD (Studies of Cultures)

Detailed study programme is available here.

Objectives of the Programme
  • to enable a variety of studies ranging from culture theory to the study of a number of important branches of Estonian and world culture as well as arts;
  • to shape tolerant and broadly educated leading specialists who are able to discuss issues of contemporary society;
  • to create prerequisites for interdisciplinary contacts and for the curriculum to function as a synergic whole.
Learning Outcomes

The graduate:

  • is able to set and solve research questions and initiate research projects;
  • is familiar with the problems and methods of cultural science;
  • is able to present one's research orally and in writing;
  • is able to communicate one's knowledge and skills through teaching and supervising;
  • is able to introduce specific professional knowledge on a broader scale of culture and society, is able to participate in societal discussions and influence processes of social decision-making.
What Do We Expect from an Applicant?

The study programme is aimed at all people who are interested in Cultural Theory, Estonian Literature and Culture, English Literature and Culture, German Literature and Culture, Romance Studies, Russian Literature and Culture, Middle Eastern and Asian Literatures and Cultures, Cultural Geography, Philosophy, Social and Cultural Anthropology, and the Arts.

Why Study Studies of Cultures at Tallinn University?  

Courses are held in the form of seminars, lectures and independent work. The syllabus is flexible and enables every student to organise his/her studies in close cooperation with the supervisor and to choose the optimal training in a given research topic. In addition, the curriculum is aimed at an interdisciplinary approach and increasing the dialogue between the student and the supervisor. In order to obtain international experience, it is possible to participate in conferences, seminars, summer schools and to take courses abroad with the support of Erasmus programme. Every doctoral student has to draw an individual study plan in cooperation with the supervisor.

What are the Career Options After the Studies?

Internationally accredited PhD diploma opens positions that require a doctoral degree, e.g. at Tallinn University or the University of Tartu.

Admission Requirements

Admission exam is based on the initial plan for the doctoral thesis that is agreed with the prospective supervisor (an academic person, who corresponds to the requirements to supervise PhD thesis). A draft of the research proposal (.pdf format) should be sent to maris.peters....at....tlu.ee. A copy with a signature of the prospective supervisor is required to be uploaded to the online application system DreamApply.

Contact us!
  • For additional guidelines regarding admission procedure please contact the international admission specialist.
    E-mail: admissions....at....tlu.ee

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