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Tuition fees 2017/2018

Bachelor's Programmes
Programme Tuition fee (EUR per semester)
Audiovisual Media 2000
Law 2176
Liberal Arts in Social Sciences 1650
Politics and Governance 1450
Crossmedia in Film and Television 1900
Liberal Arts in Humanities 1500
Master's Programmes
Programme Tuition fee (EUR per semester)
Anthropology 830
Communication Management 1800
Human-Computer Interaction 1250
International Relations 1350
Digital Learning Games 1250
Estonian Studies 830
Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies 830
PhD Programmes
Programme Tuition fee (EUR per semester)
Demography No tuition fee
Government and Politics No tuition fee
Psychology No tuition fee
Social Work No tuition fee
Sociology No tuition fee
Educational Sciences No tuition fee
History No tuition fee
Studies of Cultures No tuition fee
Linguistics No tuition fee
Ecology No tuition fee
Information Society Technologies No tuition fee
Analytical Biochemistry No tuition fee
Physics No tuition fee

The student has the right to choose one of the following payment schedules for paying the
tuition fee:

Plan A - Paying the tuition fee for the full study year in one single payment during the autumn
Plan B - Paying each semester´s tuition fee in one instalment in each semester
(recommended for students who pay tuition fees from a student loan).