Education in a Digital World. Reducing inequalities through lifelong learning

When: 31.05.2017, at 15:30 - 01.06.17 20:00
Place: Teachers\\\' House, Tallinn University

The Lifelong Learning Platform is pleased to announce its Annual Conference "Education in a Digital World. Reducing inequalities through lifelong learning" ​,​ which will be taking place on 31 May at the Teachers' House and on 1 June at Tallinn University.

Digitalisation is ever growing and will inevitably affect all sectors. Yet we still struggle to understand the extent of it and few are fully prepared for it: there is a change in the nature of the race between man and the machine, and the machine is running faster. The challenge of education in a digital world commands us to open education as widely as possible to include all, through flexible pathways and innovative thinking in order to enable all to adapt to yet unknown developments. How can lifelong learning answer these challenges in order to insure universal access to digital education?

The Conference will take place at the crossroads between the Maltese and Estonian Presidencies of the Council of the EU. Because Malta’s main axis of reflection during its Presidency will be Inclusive education and Estonia will focus on Digital Education, the LLLPlatform hopes that the topic chosen will serve each one’s purposes, smoothly linking them together. What’s more, this topic also reflects the European Union Agenda, namely the launch of the Digital Skills for Jobs Coalition under the New Skills Agenda for Europe adopted in 2016.


31 May

16.00 - Plenary (Teachers' House). Conference launch with Estonian and Maltese representatives. 

  • Mario Cardona, Ministry of Education and Employement, Malta
  • Kalmar Kurs, Ministry of Education and Archimedes Foundation, Estonia

16.45 - Plenary. The Digital Era Will Be a Lifelong Learning Era or It Will Not Be.

  • Keynote by Prof. Mart Laanpere, Tallinn University

1 June

9.30 - Plenary (Tallinn University). Welcome speeches by Estonian representatives and EU officials.

  • Tiit Land, Rector, Tallinn University
  • Antoaneta Angelova-Krasteva, DG EAC, European Commission

10.15 - Plenary. Consciousness, Technology and Learning: Transforming Cognitive Systems in a Digital World.

  • Keynote by Prof. Pasquale Policastro, University of Szczecin, Poland

10.45 - Coffee break at the Digital Fair

11.30 - Round of Talks. Thinking Outside the Box. 

  • Preparing Citizens for Digital Democracy. A discussion with Dr. Leo Pekkala on media literacy and critical thinking.
  • Open & Blended Learning: Facts and Challenges. A discussion with Mart Laanpere on the effects of e-learning on educational inclusion.
  • Pedagogical Innovation Through Digitalisation. A discussion with Prof. Pasquale Policastro on how to prepare the mind for the digital world.
  • Who's in, Who's out? 8 Profiles of Digital Inequalities. A discussion on digital inclusion with Ilse Marlën.

12.45 - Lunch break at the Digital Fair

14.00 - Digital Fishbowl. Is the Digitalisation of Education Reinforcing a Learner-Centred Approach that Contributes to Reducing Inequalities?

15.30 - Coffee break at the Fair

16.15 - Departure for cultural activities.

More information about the programme here.

Watch the short video that presents the conference.