Public Lecture: William L. Swing

When: 26.05.2017, at 10:30-11:30
Place: Tallinn University, A-242

William L. Swing, the CEO of the International Organization for Migration, will visit Estonia as the next holder of the Presidency of the EU. On 26 May, he will hold a public lecture at Tallinn University. He will discuss the current situation in migration and the challenges the countries will face.

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The world is in a state where millions of people have to leave their homes due to military conflicts or lack of resources. What should Europe do in this situation? On the one hand, we wish to be humane, but on the other hand, we wish to maintain the society we are used to.

The discussion will also seek to find how the countries of origin, as well as the receiving countries could find solutions that would benefit all sides: what could offer the migrants a life worth living and give host countries the chance to best utilize the potential of the migrants.

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