VIRSU 20 Years: Jubilee Conference

When: 05.10.2017, at 10:00 - 06.10.17 18:00
Place: Tallinn University

The goal of this conference is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cooperation network VIRSU (Finno-Ugric Languages as Target Languages), which has worked to connect researchers with an applied approach to Finno-Ugric languages since 1997.  

Currently, the network is facing new challenges. On the one hand, there is a growing need to create connections between applied-linguistic research conducted within Finno-Ugric studies and with other languages or language families. On the other hand, political changes in Europe, including the increasing mobility and immigration, make the teaching and learning of Finno-Ugric languages an even more acute issue. The jubilee conference will respond to these challenges and search for new avenues of research.

We would like to encourage scholars working on Finno-Ugric languages as well as other languages to give presentations. 

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