TU International Club Presents: International Express

When: 10.10.2017, at 19:00-22:00
Place: Astra building Researchers\' Forum

The time has come for you to join forces with your countrymen (and women!) and show the others what a great place you come from. It's time for the International Express! Now it is YOUR turn to make the party happen!

Do you like to dance? Sing? Rap? Maybe even juggle or do a stand-up comedy? If yes, the stage is yours!
Sign up as a PERFORMER here.

The most delicious part of your country is of course food, and as everyone would be grateful to get a taste of your birthplace, you better get COOKING! Prepare some national dish and share the yumminess of your homeland!

Sign up as a COOK here

In short, YOU make the event, so bring your friends and come help us to organize a grand party with food and performances!

Tickers are available from pre-sale at 3€, and on the spot for 4€.

NB! FREE if you sign up as a cook or a performer!

You can buy the tickets from Tallinn University Student Union, room S-139. The office hours are
on Mondays from 12:00-16:00.