Seminar 'An Education for the 21st Century'

When: 20.11.2017, at 14:00 - 21.11.17 12:00
Place: A-346, S-243

Have you thought about an education in the 21. century? 

Come and join us on seminar "An Education for the Twenty-first Century: what it is and how to deliver it" by Professor Kenneth L. Verosub from University of California!

The goal of this seminar is to engage supervisors in a discussion of what it means to deliver a twenty-first century education and how the challenges and obstacles to doing that successfully can be overcome. Both seminars are in English. On 20.11 at 2-4pm at room A-346 and on 21.11 at 10-12am at room S-243. Register here!


Success in the twenty-first century requires a set of skills that have traditionally not been emphasized in the fact-driven, lecture-based curriculum of many institutions of higher education.  Among these skills are an ability to 

work collaboratively in teams, to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, to engage in far-ranging, in-depth research, and to think creatively.  However, delivering an education that provides students with these skills can be a challenge for instructors, especially if they themselves have not been formally taught how to do it in the first place. 

Kenneth L. Verosub is Distinguished Professor dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences in University of California, DavisAs a geophysicist, Ken Verosub has used the magnetic properties of rocks, sediments and soils to determine the behavior of the Earth's magnetic field, the ages of sedimentary sequences, the motions of tectonic plates, and the history of the Earth's climate during the past 40 million years. More recently he has become interested in the interface between geologic processes and human activity. In pursuit of this interest, he spent the 2009-2010 academic year as a senior science advisor for water and climate issues in the U.S. Department of State.  Throughout his career, Ken has been a champion of new approaches to teaching and learning, including active learning, problem-based learning, and discovery learning. In 1996 he received the UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement and the following year he was named California Professor of the Year.

Merily Heinalo
Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator