BAW Seminar: Meet the Researchers

When: 12.03.2018, at 14:00-18:30

12th of March "Meet the Researchers"

Monday, March 12 from 2PM to 6 PM "Meet the Researchers", University of Tallinn (Narva mnt. 29), room A-325.
Take part of a seminar where experts from the field take the floor and discuss brain, promote the benefits of brain research and inform the public about what we do as neuroscientist and brain researchers. More info: tlu.ee/BAW


  • Professor Talis Bachmann - Professor of Cognitive and Legal Psychology (University of Tartu)
  • Dr Toomas Toomsoo - Neurologist (East-Tallinn Central Hospital)
  • Pia Tikka, PhD - Finnish film director and leading research scientist (Tallinn University)
  • Erika Comasco, PhD - Neuroscientist (Uppsala University)

Prof Talis Bachmann (University of Tartu) serves as an expert in psychology and behavioral sciences for the Estonian Science Agency. As the principal investigator, he has been responsible for obtaining finances for the research group and putting together the staff of the group. He is the principal researcher and head of the group associated in and around Bachmannlab. He holds the full time professorship in the Institute of Penal Law of the Faculty of Law, University of Tartu (Professor of Cognitive and Forensic Psychology) and has also adjunct professor's duties in the Institute of Psychology of the same Faculty of Social Sciences. He is also head of group, Perception and Consciousness, in the Estonian Center of Behavioral and Health Sciences.

Dr Toomas Toomsoo (East-Tallinn Central Hospital) is a well-know Estonian neurologist, who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine (1996) and completed residency in neurology (2001) at the University of Tartu and is enrolled in the doctoral programmes in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of Tartu and at the University of Tübingen Institute for Clinical Brain Research (Germany). As a neurologist, Dr Toomsoo helps people troubled by all kinds of neurological problems, but his special professional interests are headaches and Parkinson's disease. His goal as a doctor is to diagnose the illness and find the best treatment method or help the patient understand that he or she has no neurological illness.

Pia Tikka, PhD (Tallinn University) is a Finnish film director and leading research scientist. Pia Tikka is Research Professor at the Baltic School of Film, Media, Arts and Communication. She has joined MEDIT after winning Estonian Research Council’s Top Researcher Grant. Dr Tikka is a filmmaker and scholar whose research concerns psychophysiological and emotional basis of cinematic systems. Prior to her joining BFM, she was the Principal Investigator for the NeuroCine project at Aalto University in Finland. In 2010, she was a Fulbright scholar in the Institute for Multimedia Literacy at the University of Southern California and a researcher in residency in Neuroaesthetics at the Minerva Foundation, Berkeley. 

Erika Comasco, PhD (Uppsala University) is a neuroscientist. Comasco studied Pharmacy at the University of Pavia and earned her doctoral degree in Neuroscience at Uppsala University. She collaborated since 2011 and joined the "Functional, Molecular and Translational Neuroimaging - PET & MRI" group as guest researcher supported by a grant of the Swedish Medical Society in 2013. She is involved in a neuroimaging genetic project on influence of sex steroid hormones on the human brain using high-field magnetic resonance imaging.

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The organizers are: Tallinn University The Centre of Excellence in Behavioural and School of Natural Sciences and Health. The event is held in cooperation with Dana Foundation ja FENS.

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The leader of the event is  Sophie Imbeault, a researcher at Tallinn University, School of Natural Sciences and Health.

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