Tallinn University Day: Faith and Credibility

When: 16.03.2018, at 09:30-15:00
Place: Researchers\' Forum, Astra building


  • What is the scent of faith?
  • How to separate truth from nonsense and post-truth?
  • How did I lose the faith in correct answers?
  • What makes science believable, what is the truth, what is right, and where are they?
  • Is the media telling us what to believe and do I really know, or just believe I know?
  • How does faith affect our abilities and how is the brain a part of it?
  • How is multiculturality changing our world view and how do the movies "read" our emotions?

These and many other questions concerning faith and beliefs will be answered by inspiring researchers and lecturers on 16 March, as we celebrate Tallinn University Day. We offer our staff, students, alumni and everyone else the chance to listen to the best speakers and their views. As appropriate for a 13th birthday, 13 researchers will each get 13 minutes to introduce their views and standpoints.

See the full programme and register for the event here.