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Call for Sessions

NYRIS12 seeks to highlight multiple topics raised by digital revolution. The proposals for sessions may be on any topic relevant to the conference theme, but topics listed below are especially welcome:

a   Youth cultures and new social movements

a   Cultural and political values

a   Consumption and lifestyles

a   Online/offline identities

a   Educational transitions and opportunities

a   Economics and labour market

a   Social networks and social capital

a   Multiculturalism and immigration 

a   Gender and sexualities

a   The changing conceptions of privacy

a   Communication, self-expression and creativity

a   Youth and localities

a   Marginalized / disadvantaged youth 

a   Youth and memory

a   Socialisation and inter-generational relations

In addition to sessions presenting original research findings in the traditional form, we encourage proposals that offer innovative approaches to presenting and discussing scholarship. These may include for example discussions and roundtables, moderated debates, interactive workshops, as well as sessions featuring audio and visual resources


  1. Title of the session.
  2. Coordinators of the session: Provide full name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address of the coordinator(s) of the session. Coordinators will be responsible for selecting the papers for the session and they will act as chairs of the session at the conference.
  3. Description of the topic of the session (not exceeding 300 words)
  4. Participants of the session (optional): If the proposal concerns a complete session with given participants, the proposal should also include the individual abstracts of each participant and a list of names, affiliations, mailing addresses and e-mail of each participant.
  5. Requests for audio visual equipment and media requirements (data projector, DVD, internet, visual projection, audio and so on).

The length of a parallel session will be approx. 90–120 minutes. The suggested number of presenters in a session consisting of traditional workshop papers is 3−4 plus the coordinator and discussant.

The session proposals, in one document attachment (in WORD format), should be submitted to the Organising Committee by 15 September 2012 to the address nyris12[a]tlu.ee. The e-mail should have the subject heading “NYRIS 12 session proposal”. More information http://www.tlu.ee/nyris12