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5th Biennal Conference of the ESREA Research Network for Adult Educators,
Trainers and their Professional Development (ReNAdET)

18 – 20 October 2017

Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia

We are honoured to invite you to the 5th International conference


There are many ways and approaches of viewing conference theme. One approach is interaction and discussion between researchers and practioners in open and creative space. The conference brings together researches and scholars, PhD students, project leaders and adult educators to share research results and reflect their experience on different aspects of conference theme.

The conference provides an open space for interactive presentations and discussions on research results, practical challenges for adult educators and their learning experiences in the process  of social changes.

Contributions and reflections on the following themes are especially welcome:

  • Social changes - adult educators - adult learners.
  • Adult educators and/in social changes. Professional ethics and values of adult educators.
  • Adult educators, their learning, professional identity and professional development.
  • Adult educators and their socio-political roles in the context of social changes.
  • The impact of adult educators in promoting active citizenship and democratic society.
  • Gendered phenomenon in  adult education: women and men as learners and adult educators.
  • Exploring  roles, responsibilities and future perspectives of adult educators in supporting learning and adult learners in the context of social changes.
  • Challenges and perspectives of adult education in the context of social changes.
  • Change and stability in institutional context for adult education: comparative perspective.
  • Conceptualisations of adults learning in the context of social changes. Different perspectives.
  • Social inclusion of NEET young adults via adult education: supporting and contesting social changes.
  • Adult education and generational change: ideas, tools and other considerations.
  • Educating adult educators for social changes in higher and continuing education.


The 5th International conference is hosted by Tallinn University, School of Educational Sciences and EPALE Estonia.

The conference will be held at Tallinn University campus.

The conference LEARNING JOURNEY. ADULT EDUCATORS AND/IN SOCIAL CHANGES invites reflective and research papers for discussions and poster presentations, which reflect theoretical, empirical, comparative and visual research, theoretical frames and conceptual considerations, actions and projects, individual and collective narratives in the context of conference theme.

Join the conference! Share, explore, ask questions! Learn and create you own learning journey with colleagues in an international context.