• PhD Thesis Sought Opportunities to Raise Digital Safety Competences in Pupils

    18.01.2017 10:34

    On 18 January, Birgy Lorenz from the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies defended her Doctoral Thesis, which focused on the development of digital safety in Estonia and the opportunities to rise safety skills in pupils and the adults supporting them.

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  • Veronika Varik – What Were Schools Like at the end of the Czarist Era?

    17.01.2017 13:14

    The Czarist Era was not kind to teacher nor pupil. As the official study language was Russian, three years at school did not give the local children much knowledge, says director of the Estonian Pedagogical Archives and Museum, Veronika Varik.

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  • Matthew Crandall – How do the US Elections Affect Estonia?

    10.01.2017 15:40

    The US Elections were followed intensely across the world. The US has an enormous effect on the rest of the world economically, concerning security and culture, says associate professor Matthew Crandall from the School of Governance, Law and Society.

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  • PhD Thesis Looked into Mortality in 19th Century Estonia

    10.01.2017 13:43

    On 6 January, Hannaliis Jaadla from the School of Governance, Law and Society, defended her Doctoral Thesis on mortality in Estonian cities at the end of the 19th Century (based on the Lutheran population of Tartu).

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  • Tallinn University Research Centre for Fundamental Rights

    28.12.2016 15:35

    The Rector of Tallinn University has signed a resolution establishing the Tallinn University Research Centre for Fundamental Rights. This research centre operating by the School of Governance, Law and Society is established in connection with the Horizon 2020 project HURMUR (Human Rights – Mutually Raising Excellence).

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  • New number of East-West Studies Journal is published

    27.12.2016 12:18

    The latest issue of the School of Governance, Law and Society journal East-West Studies is published. This is the seventh number of the previously Tallinn University Law School journal.

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  • PhD Thesis: Crisis brings out five participator profiles in social media

    20.12.2016 11:21

    Today, on 20 December, Päivi Tampere from the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School will defend her doctoral thesis on the developments of relations between organisations and publics during crisis. The thesis focuses on three case studies: Swine Flu, the Fukushima Nuclear Plant accident and they boycott of local Rimi shops.

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  • Tõnis Saarts – What is Populism?

    20.12.2016 11:02

    It would be a lot easier to say what is not populism. Populism is not the making of popular, but otherwise problematic political decisions. The politician who offers a fast growth in pensions or free public transport is not a populist, says Tõnis Saarts, lecturer of politology at the Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society.

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