• Cultural Data Analytics Grant to Tallinn University

    24.04.2018 14:45

    The Tallinn University project Cultural Data Analytics/CUDAN is the first humanities project in Estonia to receive funding from the Horizon 2020 ERA Chair programme. This interdisciplinary project of digital culture studies that focusses on cultural big data, its analysis and responsible use, received 2.5 million Euros.

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  • PhD Thesis Designed an e-Learning Architecture for NRENs

    24.04.2018 12:07

    Today, on April 24th, Salim Saay from the Tallinn University School of Digital Technology will defend his doctoral thesis, in which he designed the e-learning architecture based on National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

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  • Doctoral Thesis aims to support ICT education in developing countries

    23.04.2018 10:20

    Today, on 23 April, Mohammad Hadi Hedayati from the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies will defend his doctoral thesis. The dissertation focused on possible ways to support the development of vocational ICT curriculum in developing countries.

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  • PhD Thesis Seeks to Raise HCI to Centre of the Design Process

    28.03.2018 10:33

    Today, on 28 March, Abiodun Afolayan Ogunyemi from the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies will defend his doctoral thesis. The dissertation explored the state of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) practice in software development companies, and the possibility of facilitating the implementation of HCI approaches.

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  • Open Letter to Readers at Academic Library

    27.03.2018 13:57

    Lately, a rather surprising theme has emerged – readers at the library seem not to understand that borrowing books is lending with all of its commitments and liabilities. On the other hand, we are often looking for books users have taken out of the library… without registering.

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  • Ask a Researcher: Are the Youth Hopeless? (Lianne Teder)

    20.03.2018 12:41

    Problematic youth has been an issue since the beginning of times, according to legends. In the real world, they are going through interesting times in their lives, but they are definitely not hopeless, says teacher of Youth Work and Non-Formal Education at Tallinn University, Lianne Teder.

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  • PhD Helps Simplify Designing Apps for Multiple Devices at Once

    14.03.2018 10:58

    Today, Ilja Šmorgun from the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies will defend his PhD Thesis, which supports designing apps for Distributed User Interfaces (DUI), i.e. multiple devices at once. During research, a collection of design patterns was created, which offers solutions to many recurring design problems.

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  • PhD Thesis Researched Changes in Water Levels at the Kurtna Lake District

    13.03.2018 14:29

    Today, Marko Vainu from the Tallinn University School of Natural Sciences and Health defended his thesis looking at the large changes in water levels at the Kurtna lake district within the past 70 years, and the role of groundwater in closed-basin lakes.

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