• Prof. Bradley Thayer on Estonia, NATO, and Hybrid Threats

    21.04.2017 12:14

    Professor Bradley A. Thayer recently published an opinion article in Postimees, the largest daily. The article was titled Why Estonia Should Join the EU-NATO Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats.

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  • PhD: Poltiical Parties that use Social Divides Strategically Succeed

    20.04.2017 15:59

    Today, on April 20, Tõnis Saarts from the Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society will defend his Doctoral Thesis, which focused on the effect of social divides and core conflicts to the formation and system of political parties in the Baltic States. The thesis shows that the societal structure, demographic patterns and historical background of the states largely sculpt the party system.

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  • Fulbright scholar Dr. David Deese teaching at Tallinn University this Spring

    05.04.2017 09:30

    Boston College professor David Deese will be a visiting Fulbright scholarat Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society this Spring semester. Professor Deese researches the international and comparative politics of energy and climate policies worldwide.

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  • PhD Thesis Tested the Validity of the Theory of Basic Human Values

    04.04.2017 10:16

    Today, on 4 April, Laur Lilleoja from the Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society will defend his doctoral thesis, which focused on the validity of one of the most applied theories on values. The aim of the thesis was to develop a discussion on the validity of the scales used in polls, and evolve the methodology of polling in general.

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  • Raini Stamm – Why is Volleyball a Game for Intelligent Players?

    04.04.2017 10:14

    Invented by William Morgan in 1895, volleyball demands good technique, fast reactions, physical capabilities, speed and explosive strength, coordination and a body type that suits the game, says Associate Professor of Volleyball at the Tallinn University School of Natural Sciences and Health, Raini Stamm.

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  • Mart Abel - What is Infinity?

    28.03.2017 13:26

    Infinity is an abstract term, used in philosophy to describe something that “has no limits,” is “unreachable,” or “inexhaustible”. From a mathematician’s point of view, infinity is not a number, but rather an additional symbol depicting amounts larger than describable by numbers, explains Mart Abel, the Professor of mathematics at the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies.

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  • European Green Universities Meet in Tallinn

    28.03.2017 12:58

    At the end of April, Tallinn University will host the universities of European capitals that focus on sustainable development. During the seventh UNICA GREEN workshop Learning Interfaces for Sustainable Development of Higher Education on 26-28 April, a wide range of topics will be addressed, including the aspects of digital learning for sustainable development and innovation, as well as relevant change in learning tools, spaces and technologies.

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  • Päivi Tampere – What Happens in Social Media during Crises?

    14.03.2017 12:05

    During catastrophes and social crises, users of social media form five distinct groups, making the communication between organisations and people more complicated than ever before, says Dr. Päivi Tampere from the TU Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School.

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