• Päivi Tampere – What Happens in Social Media during Crises?

    14.03.2017 12:05

    During catastrophes and social crises, users of social media form five distinct groups, making the communication between organisations and people more complicated than ever before, says Dr. Päivi Tampere from the TU Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School.

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  • Katrin Poom-Valickis – Do Beliefs have an Effect on our Abilities?

    07.03.2017 14:38

    Beliefs about our abilities can sometimes change the result more than our actual capability. Teachers and parents should compliment the effort and work put in, rather than the result, says Associate Professor of General Didactics at the TU School of Educational Sciences, Katrin Poom-Valickis.

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  • Marek Tamm - How Old is Estonia?

    28.02.2017 11:54

    This seemingly simple question often causes much confusion. When tested on students, we usually get conflicting answers: Estonia is an ancient land where we have lived for millennia, but at as a state it is very young, says Professor of Cultural History at Tallinn University, Marek Tamm.

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  • Tiiu Koff - Why do we need Wastelands?

    21.02.2017 16:35

    Even though the wastelands within towns are not the most aesthetic sights, they offer diverse living conditions to various life forms and hold information about our ecological, cultural and social past, says Professor of geo-ecology at the Tallinn University School of Natural Sciences and Health, Tiiu Koff.

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  • CFMAE Journal 2017 Vol 9 Singing & Voice Call for Articles

    20.02.2017 10:16

    There is a Call for Articles for the CFMAE: The Changing Face of Music and Art Education Journal. Abstract proposal deadline is 03/2017.

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  • Triin Lauri – Should the Parents Choose the School for Their Child?

    14.02.2017 14:29

    Should the parents choose the best school for their child, or should it be appointed centrally? Studies show that the way elementary school seats are allocated has a direct effect on the study success of the children – in a wider perspective, this could even be seen as a key question in educational justice, says lecturer of public policy at the TU School of Governance, Law and Society, Triin Lauri.

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  • StartUp Passion Programme now open for New Participants

    07.02.2017 14:41

    StartUp Passion is a training program that helps students and other business-minded people create and design their own future. We support them with all the necessary tools and knowledge to make fresh, innovative ideas happen. We are operating in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

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  • Peeter Selg - How to Solve Wicked Problems?

    07.02.2017 13:59

    Even though wicked problems, such as the immigration crisis and poverty, have no straightforward solutions, they can still be managed. All they demand is a leader that does not offer answers, but makes their subordinates ask the right questions, says Peeter Selg, Associate Professor of Methodology in Political Science at Tallinn University.

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