• Top UX Experts Converge in Tallinn

    07.11.2017 13:05

    The top experts in user experience and related fields will meet at the longest UX design conference of the Baltics, World Usability Day 2017, on 9-12 November. This year, the event will be held at Tallinn University.

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  • PhD Thesis Researched Christian Societies in the Ottoman Empire

    02.11.2017 13:26

    Today, on 2 November, Olga Razuvajeva from the Tallinn University School of Humanities defended her PhD thesis, which researched the reforms in the Ottoman state between 1839-1876, and their influence on the Christian communities within the empire. The thesis focused on two edicts – the Tanzimat and the Islahat.

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  • World Bank Report Presentation at Tallinn University Today

    02.11.2017 10:38

    The first ever World Bank Report devoted entirely to education will be presented at Tallinn University today, on 2 November.

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  • Share your ELUmoment in Instagram!

    30.10.2017 10:54

    You are participating in an ELU project? Share exciting moments from your ELU project in Instagram using #ELUmoment.

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  • Kino Eyes 2018/2020 admission now open

    09.10.2017 14:46

    Kino Eyes is a two year Joint Master programme with a brand-new highly intensive fiction film making supported by ERASMUS+, the European Union’s education body.

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  • TU Researchers will Perform Neurotheatre in Brussels

    13.09.2017 10:18

    As part of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the NeuroTheatre Collective will premiere their “Demultiplexia”, a performance linking technology, neuroscience and arts, on 14 September.

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  • ELU is Setting New Records!

    12.09.2017 16:29

    By the start of this semester, ELUweb had over 60 project ideas online. This is a new record in the number of ELU projects submitted during a semester. In addition to academic staff, ideas were submitted by students as well as organisations.

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  • 8 Things You Should Do Before School Starts!

    28.08.2017 12:45

    To help you feel like an integral part of Tallinn University, we have assembled a few things you should do or think about during the last week before school.

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