Tallinn University Music Department hosts 2015 Fulbright Scholar


The Music Department at Tallinn University is honoured and proud to host Dr. Paul Beaudoin as one of only three prestigious 2015 Fulbright Scholars for Estonia. He is one of few Fulbright Scholars in residence at Tallinn University in several years.  Dr. Beaudoin is a noted composer, music theorist and an internationally recognized specialist in online learning.  Dr. Beaudoin has been associated with the music department for more than six years as a participant in the Changing Face of Art and Music Education conference, an Editorial Board member of the CFMAE Journal and last year, taught a “Foundations of Building Quality eLearning Course at Tallinn University through the PRIMUS program. Read more about the course and Dr. Beaudoin's expertise here.  Recently Dr. Beaudoin wrote about his arrival in Tallinn for the Fulbright Scholarship in the music department in an invitational blog post for Blackboard, Inc., an world renowned learning management system. You can read that post here.

For more information about Dr. Beaudoin visit his Wikipedia page here.