Educational Sciences PhD Studies Preschool 2016


Target group: Those who plan to apply for Educational Sciences PhD program in study year 2016/2017

Aims: The Educational Sciences PhD preschool is created with the aim to introduce PhD studies with its possibilities and challenges; aid in the creating of a quality and detailed PhD thesis research plan; enable, if necessary, to find a suitable supervisor; encourage PhD thesis topics to coincide with the priority fields of the School of Educational Sciences.

The preschool is in three sessions, between which, as an independent work, a PhD thesis research plan is created.

Learning outcomes:

The participant, who successfully passes the preschool, knows:

  • how the doctoral school functions and what are the main challenges and opportunities;
  • creates and analyses in cooperation with a potential supervisor the PhD thesis research plan;
  • analyses the PhD thesis research plan coinciding with the priority fields of the School of Educational Sciences.

Session I: Introduction into doctoral studies. Introduction of the set priority fields of study in the School of Educational Sciences, and the explanation on their importance, when choosing a PhD thesis topic. Creating a PhD thesis research plan. Introduction of the independent work task.

Session II: Feedback for the first draft of the PhD thesis research plan from potential supervisors and other participants of the preschool.

Session III: Providing final touches to the PhD thesis research plan.

When: Session I – 29.03.2016 15:00-17:00 room A-402

Session II – 29.04.2016 15:00-17:00 room A-402

Session III – 26.05.2016 15:00-17:00 room A-402

Result: By completing the preschool (participating in all three sessions and presenting the independent work), it is possible to receive 3 credits (EAP) and a certificate of completion of the preschool. The credits can later be added to the completion of the Educational Sciences study programme.

The preschool is conducted in English and free of charge for all participants.

Registration for the preschool is obligatory. Please register for the preschool HERE

The deadline for registrations is 21.03.2016

Contact: Liis Raudsepp; liis.raudsepp....at....tlu.ee