ARMACAD - Find a Summer School, Scholarship or Conference on one Site


Being an academic, researcher or education professional is a lifelong journey. That journey not only involves learning and studying as a part of daily life, but also requires searching and finding necessary scholarships, workshops, fellowships, conferences, grants, and the very skills needed in order to apply to those. It has always necessitated using a variety of online platforms, search engines, social networks, university websites and other resources to find such opportunities. Often, this whole process can be very overwhelming and tiring.

New technologies currently may solve those problems for scientists and scholars worldwide. One of such solutions is ARMACAD.

ARMACAD’s idea is very simple. It makes www.armacad.info a one-stop resource center for all academic opportunities worldwide in any given academic discipline.

Every student, professor, teacher, has a chance to search and find all available academic and educational opportunities which exactly fit his/her academic needs and interests. Moreover and most importantely, each subscriber may pick up the disciplines here http://armacad.info/site/academic-newsletter-subscription and receive weekly email alerts about international academic opportunities.

ARMACAD was founded in 2007 in Yerevan, Armenia as a mailing list to share information on different academic opportunities worldwide. Since 2014 it concentrated efforts on building a website at http://armacad.info/ where dozens of conference, summer school, scholarship and fellowship opportunities are published every day and distributed via email to all subscribers.