Sander Paekivi - Why do We Need Physics?


Mathematics and physics – these words are often said with an unjust feeling of terror or awe. As if they are something otherworldly and extremely difficult. This “fear” is a great tragedy that neither of them deserve, says a PhD student in physics at Tallinn University, Sander Paekivi.

We all have different interests that motivate us to learn and discover. Naturally, one cannot expect everyone to have an interest in everything in such a system. Especially in abstract areas of research. However, it seems the main reason for not gaining an interest in mathematics and physics is a fear of the challenge these seemingly difficult disciplines offer.

To alleviate these fears, it is best to show their connection to other less fearful activities, such as playing music, creating art, or even travelling.

It is clear that if we want to paint, we first learn to use the brush, and at the end, we can paint anything our fantasy allows us to. If we want to play music, we will learn to use the instrument we like, and in the end, we can compose masterpieces. If we want to explore the world, we go on a trip or expedition…

Mathematics and physics are similar instruments, which can be played. And as with any other instrument, we first must learn to use them. It is frustrating to fumble for the right notes, but if we keep our sights on the song we want to play, the hardship at the beginning has a certain glamour we can recall with affection in the future.

Thus, if we want to understand the world around us, the connections between phenomena, and why things are the way they are, let us learn the instrument of mathematics and take an expedition of physics to play the hidden music of the World.