TU Awards MA to 16 Students in Kabul


On 3 May, 16 Students at the Kabul University ICT Institute received their Master’s degrees from the joint programme run by Tallinn University and Kabul University.

The thesis committee for the five ladies and 11 men included Professors Peeter Normak and David Lamas, and project manager Marika Miil from the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies. The graduation ceremony was attended by Rector Tiit Land.

The MA theses were relatively well written and defended; the most popular subject was developing a sustainable ICT environment in Afghanistan. The best thesis was presented by Ahmad Fawad Saiq. The thesis was supervicesd by Senior Research Fellow Adolfo Ruiz Calleja from Tallinn University, and co-supervised by doctoral student Tariq Meeran. This was also the first thesis in the two inaugural MA programmes to receive an A.

The co-operation between the two universities began in 2013. The programme, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has allowed Tallinn University to help develop higher education in Afghanistan by creating a MA course in ICT. The programme also features lecturers from the Tallinn University of Technology.