TU Student to Lead Federation of Estonian Student Unions


Britt Järvet, the former chair of the Tallinn University Student Union was elected to be the next chairperson of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions.

The Federation is an umbrella organisation of Estonian students looking out for their socioeconomic rights and interests. “Our goal is to make ourselves heard, influence higher education policies and be a valued partner in reshaping the educational sphere,” Järvet said. “We wish to secure a social guarantee system for students. The current situation, where students leave school for financial reasons, is very sad.”

The Estonian Presidency of the EU Council provides a good platform to introduce the varied learning opportunities and attractive learning environment on an international level. At the same time, Järvet says the quality assessment process in Estonian higher education needs modernising.

Britt Järvet, a governance student at Tallinn University, has also served as the chair of the Estonian School Student Councils’ Union. Co-chair of the Federation of Estonian Students Unions, established in 1991, will be Tamber Anja from Tartu University.

The board will be in office for two years, starting on 1 July, 2017.