In Memoriam: Volli Kalm, Rector, University of Tartu


On 23 December, we shockingly lost Volli Kalm, Rector of the University of Tartu. Tallinn University is very sad to hear this news and offers our condolences to his next of kin and the entire University of Tartu. "Volli Kalm was a leader with a great vision," said Rector of Tallinn University Tiit Land. "His service to the University of Tartu, and Estonian higher education in general, were invaluable."

As Volli Kalm was the leader of a university with a great historical and scientific heritage, the rectors of other universities in Estonia often looked toward Volli Kalm to see what he planned, decided and applied. "In that sense, every university in Estonia has the same goal – offer services to our country and folk, while being seen and respected in the international market."

As head of Universities Estonia, Tiit Land also spoke at the inauguration ceremony of Volli Kalm this summer. In his speech, he said "cast your sight higher and further. Then you will see that what lies closest to you, is equally important." "Now, merely half a year later, I must admit a bright journey was cut abruptly," said Land.

Volli Kalm was born on 10 February 1953. He graduated from University of Tartu in geology. He has been Rector of University of Tartu since 2012.