Winter School welcomes students from 30 countries


The ninth international Tallinn University Winter School hosts more than 90 people from 30 countries. The most students came from South Korea, Russia and the USA. Just a statistic: the first Tallinn Winter School in 2010 hosted 19 participants from 13 countries.

The programme, which started on 8 January, features intensive courses in Estonian and Russian languages, improv English, academic writing, comic drawing and interaction design. The most popular courses are improv English with 25 and Estonian language with 24 participants.

The international winter school allows students to get to know the English language study programmes in Tallinn University and be part of an Estonian cultural programme featuring lectures, museum visits and a trip to Tartu.

Tallinn Winter School will last until 26 January. Find out more here.

The next similar event will already happen in July, as Tallinn Summer School will feature over 20 courses and welcome at least 300 participants.

More information:
Olga Reili
International Summer and Winter School Specialist