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Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

Definition: Focus fields are areas of activity that connect different research fields and work with the key issues in the society rather than studies or academic research.

"Finding the connection between cause and effect with the help of research-based knowledge of nature and society helps us function more effectively and be sustainable both as individuals as well as a society." Ruth Shimmo, Director of the School of Natural Sciences and Health

Focus Field: Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

Aim: To shape research-based designs for developing a healthy and sustainable way of thinking.

Philosophy: Staying healthy and maintainign a liveable natural environment has become an important subject of conversation among regular citizens, researchers and politicians alike. In addition to commonly known ways of staying healthy, such as eating well and working our, people look more toward clean nature and the power of mental enlightenment.

Tallinn University values a person's physical, mental, emotional, psychological, economic and social well-being, which are provided by a caring contact with clean nature.

The focus field of healthy and sustainable lifestyle connects natural sciences and ecology with health sciences and psychology. We need to add person-centred and ecological innovation to machine- and technology-centred innovation to help our lifestyles and ways of thinking adapt to the changing environment.

The focus field also stands for connecting theoretical natural sciences with the practical skills to apply this knowledge in life. This way we can support growing a new generation that values their health and the natural environment through all levels, but especially through the educational system.