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Society and Open Governance

Definition: Focus fields are areas of activity that connect different research fields and work with the key issues in the society rather than studies or academic research.

"The modern globalised, borderless and rapidly changing world, which focuses on growth and effectiveness demands a high level of progessionalism, but at the same time a wider perspective and teh ability to be internationally successful in different areas of social life." Indrek Grauberg, Director of the School of Governance, Law and Society

Focus Field: Society and Open Governance

Aim: To offer solutions for renewing institutions, governance and legal systems within our society.

Philosophy: What role does the state have and which form of governance would suit Estonia best in this world? Which national institutions do we need in the future and how should the legal system be reformed?

Tallinn University's competence in answering these and many other principal questions is greatly aided by the connection of various areas of study, which gives both the public and private sector even more incentive to turn to us for advice.

The students in the interdisciplinary focus field of society and open governance should get the knowledge and skillset that would on the one hand make them professionals that help develop the society, but on the other hand people who can better understand their living environment.

Connecting the studies in governance, international relations, law, sociology, demographics, futures studies, social work and social pedagogy will help us grow social researchers with a strong link to the practical needs of the society as well as experts who can understand the society on a wider level.