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About us

The Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies is the competence centre of knowledge and expertise in our field. Our institute teaches on the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels.

The academic staff of our unit can participate at the Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation. In addition, the unit encompasses the Centre for Educational Technology.

Study Areas at the School of Digital Technologies:

Technology Enhanced Learning

Information Sciences

Human-Computer Interaction

Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics

Applied Informatics

Centre for Educational Technology

The HTK Centre for Educational Technology was established in 1996 as an interdisciplinary R&D unit within the Institute of Informatics at Tallinn University. The main ongoing research projects in the HTK Centre of Educational Technology are related to the development of the next-generation of distributed learning environments involving interoperable social software tools (ePortfolio, Learning Object Repository and QTI test authoring/delivery tools) and Webservices (OntoSpace Explorer, SCORM package delivery service). Read more

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