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Course outline

Classes take place on working days in the evenings, starting at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The average school day is 4 hours.

DLG is divided into the following main modules:

  • Game Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Developmental and Cognitive Psychology

Game Design is the main module of DLG. It covers game design related subjects such as:

  • Basics of Game Theory and Design
  • Design of Gameplay and Core Mechanics
  • Design of Game Assets
  • Learning Game Design
  • Transmedia Storytelling Theories and Methods
  • Research and Design of Educational Games
  • ICT Based Learning Games in Learning Environment Formation

All subjects combine theory and practice of game design. The outcomes of the courses are design documents, prototypes and smaller games. Larger scale games (bigger teams, richer functionality, comprehensive research) are created during the Interdisciplinary (ELU) project and as part of the master thesis.


Game Design module has elective courses such as:

  • Basics of Game Development
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

They can be selected based on students’ personal learning goals. 

Students can also select between the modules of Interaction Design or Developmental and Cognitive Psychology depending on what competences they want to acquire during their studies.

The Digital Learning Games curriculum is available here.

If you would prefer a more practical approach in order to get familiar with this domain you are welcome to participate in the Tallinn Summer School course of Design of Serious Games.