EC-TEL 2017 industry-track

When: 14.09.2017, at 10:00 - 15.09.17 16:00
Place: Tallinn Universiti, Room A-046

Industry and academia representers are meeting on September 14-15 at the Industry
Track of the European Conference on Technology Enhanced learning to exchange ideas
regarding the social aspects of Industry 4.0. The topics will include the workplace of the
future, motivating workers, workplace learning, knowledge sharing and new tools, and how
competencies ignite innovation.

The objective of the track is to bring together the representatives of industries, educational
organizations and training providers, to map future actions and cooperation points to
alleviate the risks and dangers of the new industrial era.

According to different sources, by 2020 there will be a lack of 825 000 – 1.5 mil workers in
ICT sector alone, while automation endangers many other jobs and their stability. To avoid
workforce crisis, the stakeholders have to join forces and think through the organization of
retraining and upskilling of the workforce.

The presenters of the Industry Track represent prominent companies from Estonia and
around the world, including Heiti Mering (Tieto), Olari Koppel (Raintree Eesti) ja Mait
Müntel (Lingvist). Dr. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler (Know-Center) will give an overview of the
challenges and potential solutions of workplace learning and Dr. Fridolin Wild (WEKIT) will
introduce intelligent learning and training tools. Triin Ploompuu from the Federation of
Estonian Engineering Industry discusses what happens to humans on the brink of Industry
4.0. Stenver Jerkku from eAgronomi shares their experience of a 5-hour workday and
Magnus Meldre (BlueMonday/Proekspert) introduces the new paradigm to Human
Resources – HR 4.0.

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