Tallinn University RSS http://www.tlu.ee/ Conference “Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use” en/Events/7221/conference-nature-based-solutions-from-innovation-to-common-use%e2%80%9d As part of the Presidency of the Estonian Republic of the Council of the European Union, a flagship conference Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use” will be organized by...]]> en/Events/7221/conference-nature-based-solutions-from-innovation-to-common-use%e2%80%9d EC-TEL 2017 industry-track en/School-of-Digital-Technologies/Events/7274/ec-tel-2017-industry-track Industry and academia representers are meeting on September 14-15 at the Industry
Track of the European Conference on Technology Enhanced learning to exchange ideas
regarding the...]]>
The European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) en/Events/7222/the-european-conference-on-technology-enhanced-learning-ec-tel The European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) engages researchers, practitioners, educational developers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to address current challenges and...]]> en/Events/7222/the-european-conference-on-technology-enhanced-learning-ec-tel TU Backyard Party en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party On 1 September the campus will turn into a backyard full of pleasant people, good music, fun activities and mouth-watering food! Come for a moment and stay for hours to meet new and old friends...]]> en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year The Opening Ceremony of the 2017/2018 academic year will take place on 1 September at 12:00 at the Tallinn University courtyard (in front of the Nova building). Rector Tiit Land and the head of...]]> en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year Conference "MyData 2017: Advancing human centric personal data" en/Events/7219/conference-mydata-2017-advancing-human-centric-personal-data MyData 2017 is an international conference that focuses on human centric personal information management. MyData is a human centred approach in personal data management that combines industry...]]> en/Events/7219/conference-mydata-2017-advancing-human-centric-personal-data Famous Chinese playwright Wang Liping’s open lecture at Tallinn University en/confucius-institute/Events/6828/famous-chinese-playwright-wang-liping%e2%80%99s-open-lecture-at-tallinn-university Confucius Institute at Tallinn University is pleased to invite you on December 6th to attend a lecture “The daily life of ordinary people in the perspective of the Chinese...]]> en/confucius-institute/Events/6828/famous-chinese-playwright-wang-liping%e2%80%99s-open-lecture-at-tallinn-university Universal Design from the Public Sphere to Social Media – GAAD 2016 at TU en/School-of-Digital-Technologies/Events/6509/universal-design-from-the-public-sphere-to-social-media-%e2%80%93-gaad-2016-at-tu On Wednesday, 18 May Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies will host the Global Accessibility Awareness Day conference, which this year focuses on social media, universal...]]> en/School-of-Digital-Technologies/Events/6509/universal-design-from-the-public-sphere-to-social-media-%e2%80%93-gaad-2016-at-tu Erasmus+ Traineeship Information Session en/Events/6283/erasmus-traineeship-information-session As a student or recent graduate of Tallinn University you have a great opportunity to do Erasmus+ Traineeship at an enterprise or organisation of one...]]> en/Events/6283/erasmus-traineeship-information-session Health Week at Tallinn University en/Events/6294/health-week-at-tallinn-university Health week focuses on the individual and using the environment to enhance our well-being. From Monday to Thursday, we offer several health-related lectures and activities, with a different...]]> en/Events/6294/health-week-at-tallinn-university Tallinn University Active Learning Week en/Events/6212/tallinn-university-active-learning-week Tallinn University Student Union and the Centre for Innovation in Education host the Active Learning Week, which focuses on a new way of teaching and learning in the university, and...]]> en/Events/6212/tallinn-university-active-learning-week Apply for Erasmus+ scholarship and do your exchange studies abroad en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6210/apply-for-erasmus-scholarship-and-do-your-exchange-studies-abroad Dear student of Tallinn University!

Application period for the Erasmus+ programme scholarship has started! Erasmus+ programme gives you opportunity to you study at another...]]> en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6210/apply-for-erasmus-scholarship-and-do-your-exchange-studies-abroad Orientation for International Students en/Events/6136/orientation-for-international-students Orientation for International Students

In Spring Semester 2015/2016 the Orientation Days will be taking place on February 1-3, 2016.

The Orientation Days will...]]> en/Events/6136/orientation-for-international-students The Seventh Tallinn Winter School in January 2016 en/Events/5927/the-seventh-tallinn-winter-school-in-january-2016 en/Events/5927/the-seventh-tallinn-winter-school-in-january-2016 Deadline:Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA grants for PhD students & Post-Doc researchers en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6050/Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA grants for PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers Erasmus Mundus project HUMERIA scholarships to ENPI countries: Doctoral students and Post-Doctoral researchers

3rd Call for Applications is open, apply...]]> en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6050/Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA grants for PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers Best of Sleepwalkers 2015 en/Baltic-Film-Media-Arts-and-Communication-School/Events/6065/best-of-sleepwalkers-2015

You have a  chance to see best films of International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers 2015, this Thursday at Supernova Cinema, screening starts at 18.00
Tallinn University Christmas Fair en/Events/6038/tallinn-university-christmas-fair laat.jpg

On the first day of December, the Tallinn University Christmas Fair...]]> en/Events/6038/tallinn-university-christmas-fair Sleepwalkers - International Short Film Festival en/Baltic-Film-Media-Arts-and-Communication-School/Events/6001/sleepwalkers-international-short-film-festival Black Nights Film Festival sub-festival Sleepwalkers 
is held for the 16th time, 17 – 21 November 2015. 

International Short Film Festival...]]>
Venia Legendi CEITER: Koen Veermans en/Events/5993/venia-legendi-ceiter-koen-veermans Tallinn University will hold venia legendi lectures for the position of Professor of Educational Innovation and head of ERA Chair project CEITER.

Koen...]]> en/Events/5993/venia-legendi-ceiter-koen-veermans Venia Legendi CEITER: Hannakaisa Isomäki en/Events/5992/venia-legendi-ceiter-hannakaisa-isomaki Tallinn University will hold venia legendi lectures for the position of Professor of Educational Innovation and head of ERA Chair project CEITER.