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Course outline

The HCI programme is an internationally accredited 2 year Master's programme (120 ECTS), fully in English, offered by the Tallinn University’s School of Digital Technologies.

The aim of the HCI programme is to prepare specialists, equipped with knowledge and skills for designing meaningful technology. You will undertake interdisciplinary courses, projects and research from the disciplines of design, technology, and cognitive psychology. The programme is organized in layers, from a very solid core to flexible of electives allowing you to fine-tune your education.

Our lectures and seminars usually take place on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, every second week during the semester, but lab work can be pursued every day as our labs are open 24/7. Occasionally some courses are organized in shorter, more intensive study cycles, or delivered via the Internet, as web-based courses. 

The Human-Computer Interaction curriculum is available here.

And if you would like to have a go at how we approach academic life and HCI, take look at our Experimental Interaction Design and Research Methods in HCI courses in Tallinn Summer and Winter Schools. It is an opportunity to get acquainted with Tallinn University and our team before committing to the long-term relationship we are sure you will never regret.