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Digital Safety Lab

The Digital Safety Laboratory (DSL) was opened in 2013, in order to pursue academic studies and research in the field of Digital Safety at the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies.

The main investigation and focus of research projects at the Digital Safety Laboratory is related to the issues of secure human behaviour in modern digital world (e-safety), as opposed to technological risks (cyber security).

The DSL research team is engaged in research activities at three levels:

1) Personal level:
  • Behavioural patterns and incidents - analysis, typologies and monitoring
  • User models for predicting risk-prone behaviour, and recommendation systems
2) Organizational or communal level:
  • Creation, evaluation, adaption and renewal of safe online codes of conduct, based on inclusive design methods and serious gaming approach
  • ICT users' activities in security audits
3) National policy level:
  • Comparative policy analysis
  • Sociological analysis of safe behaviour
  • Digital safety aspects in competence models
  • Digital safety issues aspects in professional standards
  • Digital competence assessment and development
  • Counselling in digital safety aspects for the European, Estonian and local government level programmes
Current Research Activities

The main areas of focus and ongoing research activities at the Digital Safety Laboratory:

  • Internet user's safety behaviour;
  • Avoidance of social manipulation in corporate cyber security strategy;
  • Implementation of free and open source software in secure administration of information and communication technology infrastructure
  • Safety rules and standards in the process of equipping educational institutions with information technology
  • E-safety assurance and protection of critical infrastructure

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The Digital Safety Lab is supported by the Tiger University Program of the Information Technology Foundation for Education.