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Research Projects

Research and Development Projects in 2016
  • E-safety survey of Master students of Tallinn University of Technology;

  • Research about software as a technology acceptance factors in educational institutions

  • To make short video clips and tutorials about internet safety  - educate teachers, students, pupils and others (cooperation with Targaltnetis.ee)

  • To offer training modules to schools, government sector and small/medium businesses about security, ethics, social manipulation topics

  • Translate the Digital Safety Game to Estonian language

  • Cooperation with CyberNUT (KüberPähkel) and CyberOlympics (KüberOlümpia)

  • To help with organizing JTEL summer school

  • HCII2016 session Digital turn at schools - changes in leadership, teaching and learning

2014/2015 practical output
Research and Development Projects Launched in 2013
  • Survey on digital safety at educational institutions (Led by: Birgy Lorenz and Mart Laanpere)
  • Free software application pilot test in Tallinn city (Led by: Edmund Laugasson)
  • Research on the safety of critical infrastructure availability (Led by: Andro Kull)
  • Development a game for learning about digital safety (Led by: Aare Klooster)














New, not active courses:
  • Information technology manipulation

  • Computing safety

  • Internet safety for educational context
Courses elsewhere

IDU0475 (Tallinn Technical University)

IDK6100 (Tallinn Technical University)

I008 (IT College)

Courses elsewhere: Security and Privacy in a Networked World (IDU0475) ning Social Software and Online Communities (IDK6100) in Tallinn Technical University; Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in IT (I008) in IT College.; electronic courses to HITSA (teachers);  under the program “Smart in internet” - e-safety for II and III school levels, gymnasiums and vocational school class teachers. Using smart devices in learning (e-safety module); Tallinn School of Economics - course of computers, opening the information management curriculum at 5th level of vocational teaching;  e-safety course for gymnasiums pilot at Pelgulinna Gümnaasium “Internet safety from student to student”

Other (as a service):
to schools: training sessions about internet safety policy development at school; implementing digital turn (expert analysis); mobile learning and implementation at schools; changed learning and teaching; to companies: ethical and internet safety related issues analysis at your small or medium business company; to local authorities: software as a technology exchange in educational institution
Supervised and defended theses

Active supervisons PhD

  • Aare Klooster, doktorant, (sup) Kaido Kikkas, Prevention of Social Engineering in Corporate Cyber Defense Strategy (Sotsiaalmanipulatsioonide vältimine ettevõtte küberkaitsestrateegias), Tallinna Ülikool, Informaatika Instituut
  • Birgy Lorenz, doktorant, (sup) Kaido Kikkas, The safety strategies of teenage Internet User (Teismelise internetikasutaja turvakäitumine), Tallinna Ülikool, Informaatika Instituut
  • Edmund Laugasson, doktorant, (sup) Kaido Kikkas, Free software strategies of managing information and communication technology infrastructure in Estonia (Vaba tarkvara strateegiad Eesti info- ja kommunikatsioonitehnoloogia taristu haldamiseks), Tallinna Ülikool, Informaatika Instituut
  • Kätlin Kalde, doktorant, (sup) Kaido Kikkas, Security Policies and Standards in the Supply Process of Information Technology for Educational Facilities (Turvapoliitikad ja standardid haridusasutuste infotehnoloogiaga varustamise protsessis), Tallinna Ülikool, Informaatika Instituut

All other TLÜ-s Informatics related topics, themes and supervsions are reachable here: http://www.cs.tlu.ee/teemaderegister/

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