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Interaction Design Lab

The Interaction Design Lab (ID Lab) was established in 2009, as a research, design and innovation unit contributing towards the knowledge and skills of the Institute in the field of Interaction Design.

The ID Lab represents Estonia on the European funded TwinTide Research Network, which aims to harmonize research and practice on design and evaluation methodologies for computing artifacts, across sectors and disciplines.

Currently, the Interaction Design Lab has an active team of researchers and practitioners, lead by Prof David Lamas. 

Fields of On-going Research and Development Activities
  • Bridging the digital divide with mobile digital libraries
  • Ubiquitous mobile interactions
  • A textbook metaphor for educational content aggregation
  • The design of m-government services

On the industry side, the ID Lab has actively participated in over 20 innovation and design, short-term projects.

The former clients of ID Lab’s have benefited from services. The main services include:

  • initial requirements elicitation
  • prototype development and assessment
  • usability studies and improvement recommendation
Academic Courses

Additionally the Interaction Design Lab plays a role in the School of Digital Technologies teaching activities, supporting a number of master level initial research projects and a growing number of bachelor and master level courses, the latter under the Master's programme Human-Computer Interaction.

The ID Lab is also contributing with interaction design courses in Tallinn University Summer School as well as Winter School.


In November 2012 the Interaction Design Lab hosted a Pan-Baltic World Usability Day, which will be carried out as an annual event during the following years. 

Research Team   |   Research and Development Activities

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Contact us:

Location: Narva mnt 29, Astra building, room A-302.
Postal address:  Tallinn University, Narva mnt 29, Tallinn 10120, ESTONIA

Tel: +372 6409 355

ICT support programme Tiger University

Fax: +372 6409 422

Web-site: idlab.tlu.ee