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About us

TU School of Educational Sciences is a unit in Tallinn University, which is responsible for coordinating the teaching, research and development activities in the field of education. We are also responsible for the academic sustainability in the field of education both in Tallinn University and Estonia in general.

The School of Educational Sciences is the oldest academic subunit in Tallinn University, with our doctoral school being the largest teacher education and educational sciences institution in Estonia on a doctoral level.

Study Areas at the School of Educational Sciences:

Teacher Education and Educational Sciences

Non-Formal Education

Career and Counselling Services for Special Educational Needs

Centre for Innovation in Education

The research and development centre connected to the School of Educational Sciences is the Centre for Innovation in Education. The centre's main tasks are:

  • creating collaboration networks between researchers, teachers and students
  • creating, managing and developing modern study environments, including classrooms
  • initialising and realising research and development projects in life-long learning
  • developing and promoting innovative study programmes and modules (incl. continuing education)
  • developing and promoting modern study methods (incl. study materials and technologies)
  • counselling and training teachers, didactics lecturers and students
  • including international lecturers, researchers and doctoral students in our activities
  • systematical development of the teacher's vocational identity and positive reputation

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