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Preschool of PhD studies

The content and arrangement of the Preschool of PhD studies in Educational Sciences 2017

Study process is planned in the format of seminars that are carried out on four days: 20th of February, 20th of March, 17th of April and 22nd of May at 16.00-18.00

Information seminar held on the 20th of February.

Topics: Introduction to doctoral studies; Introduction of priority topics and their significance in choosing the topic of a doctoral thesis; Introduction of the proposal for a doctoral thesis; Timeline for subsequent sessions; Introduction of independent presentations.

The information seminar is followed by thematic seminars on the 20th of March, 17th of April and 22nd of May. Thematic seminars will be based on the priority research topics.

Themes and leaders of the discussion groups

1. New immigrants in education (vocational education, adult training, adaptation programs) (Triin Roosalu), 20th of March

2. School and educational culture and educational management (Eve Eisenschmidt), 20th of March

3. Instruction strategies supporting learning. International context of teaching and learning (Inge Timoštšuk,  Meril Ümarik), 17th of April

4. Digital culture and competencies. Learning analytics supporting learning and teaching (Terje Väljataga), 17th of April

5. Special education and learning difficulties, differentiation of instruction (Anneli Veispak), 22nd of May

Two topics are discussed on one day. 16.00-16.45 for one topic; 17.00-17.45 for second topic. Participants will be divided into two groups and will rotate from one thematic group to another. Supervisors are welcome to join the discussion groups. There will be a consultation for preparing the PhD thesis proposal during the second part of the last seminar on the 22nd of May.

Each topic will start with an instruction by the supervisor, followed by a discussion over relevant research issues.

Participants need to prepare for each seminar by reading scientific texts/articles given by the leader of the discussion group (the texts will be available two weeks before). There will be 1-2 texts per topic. The participants must prepare 1-2 research questions in which they are interested in and which are also related to their proposed research topic. The research questions are to be sent to the doctoral studies coordinator at least one day prior to the seminar.

NB! Please notice that for participation in a pre-school (an in-service training course) Tallinn University will not issue any documents which give you the right to apply for an Estonian temporary residence permit (TRP).