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International Relations and Future Studies

International Relations and Future Studies offers an environment for students and faculty to investigate sets of interrelated global processes forming our contemporary interdependent world. Connecting the global to the local, looking into the future by investigating the past and present, International Relations and Future Studies encompasses a wide variety of topics. Moving beyond the conventional state-based models of international life, it incorporates transnational processes that interact with local contexts through the dynamic flows of people, commodities, and information.

International Relations and Future Studies promotes advanced research and learning on issues of global concern in broad areas from global security and international relations to transnational politics such as migration flows, small states in the global world; and analysing the future processes on all levels of government within states and transnationally. The wide variety of topics offers a chance to have an interdisciplinary approach to analysing the world now and in the future.


Head of Study Area: Leif Kalev, Professor of State and Citizenship Theory
E-mail: leif.kalev....at....tlu.ee
Telephone: 6409 459
Location: Astra building, Narva mnt 29, 10120 Tallinn